For cat show manager

  • How TopCat service helps show hosts?

    TopCat website has all the tools necessary to host a cat show in one place.

    Convenient manager's interface allows you control over every aspect of the show.

    • Creating a show
    • Accepting and filing online applications
    • Catalogue arrangement
    • Participant registration
    • Judgement accounting
    • Competition management
    • Titles assignment
    • Show results summary and review

    • Necessary protocols and documents are rendered and printed instantly on-site.
      System features:
      • We are working constantly to improve service interface and functioning, for you to go through routine tasks more efficiently and conveniently
      • We are constantly working on improving our services usability and functionality,
      • We have analyzed and improved forms and documents required to hold a show. All the documents meet international WCF requirements, and it takes just a few seconds to execute a form or minutes.
      • Having scrutinised a volume of frequently used papers and forms we have overhauled our documents, now they are more streamlined than ever and in a
      • Thanks to the possibility for several secretaries to work simultaneously, our system allows to hold shows of any size and scale.
      • It is not obligatory to hold a two-day show, you may hold a show of any duration.
      • Two day time limit is not hardcoded, you can have shows of any desired length.
      • You can get access and control the process of preparation and holding of a show using any computer connected to the Internet, including any tablet PCs and smartphones.
      • You can access and control your show from any networked device, including tablet PCs and smartphones.
      • We have created a convenient system for filing applications for participation in shows. You should only consider the filed applications, which have already been registered in the system and are ready for processing.
      • Convenient show application management service automates a large part of show preparation. Show hosts only have to breeze through submitted applications users can file in just a few minutes.
      • Thanks to a single animal database, mistakes while filing and processing of applications are minimized. For example, if a judge changes the colour of a pet, such a change is automatically registered in the system.
      • Lists of winners are executed right upon closing of the show, and all the results are automatically credited to the current TopCat Rating.

    Creating a show

    A club would usually schedule a show well in advance, after settling on date and place, expert commission, and acquiring a WCF license.

    When all these steps are completed, a club elected responsible person files a show application, where they the following is mentioned:

    • Name of the show
    • Date
    • Venue
    • Show organizers
    • Registered user of TopCat website performing the functions of a show secretary (manager)

    Having received an application, service administration registers a show and grants an appointed person all permissions necessary to access manager's interface and host the show.

    Editing a show

    All the show work is done in management section:

    1. Having received manager's permissions log into your account.
    2. Open your profile menu by clicking on your name on webpage's top-left.
    3. Click "Management section" in the drop-down menu.
    4. In the menu you are taken to choose "Shows" section.
    5. Choose the relevant show from the list, adjust search filters if necessary.

    Show fee calculation.

      1. Clubs may contact TopCat and ask for a manager to run the show. Service price is negotiated on a per-case basis.
      2. Hosting a Super Show - 2000 rub.
      3. Fun-Show - 500 р.
      4. First 10 Fun-shows can be held on any international/worldwide show for free. Rest of the fun-shows require a fee to be uploaded.
      5. National shows require a permission to hold uploaded Fun-Shows. Please contact support team at All fun-shows on national exhibitions require a fee.

    All protocols are to be uploaded via manager's interface.

    Basic show settings

    A show is initially created in the “draft" mode. (It is not displayed in the public part of the website, i.e. website users cannot apply to participate in it).

    Shows are initially created in "Draft" mode, which means they are not displayed in

    To make the show publicly accessible, you should (the show may be navigated with the help of the menu on the left):

    1. Choosing “Settings", determine the number of days of the show and contests for each of the day
    2. Determine general settings of the show in section “Information"
    3. Fill in a program for each day of the show in section “Program"
    4. Appoint judges in section “Judges"

    Alongside with other settings, tab “Settings" contains 2 important fields:

    Mode of the show::

    1. “Draft"
      • The show is displayed in the public part of the website
    2. "Active"

      • The show is displayed in the public part of the website
      • Acceptance of requests from the public part of the website is controlled with the help offield "Accepting requests"
      • Participants' requests are displayed on the show page
    3. "Finished"
      • The show is displayed in the public part of the website
      • Requests from the public part of the website are not accepted
      • Winners are listed on the page of the show

    Acceptance of requests:

    You can switch on or switch off acceptance of requests from the public part of the website

    After you determine the settings, you can make the show publicly accessible choosing “Active" in field“Mode of the show".

    At the same time you can switch on or switch off acceptance of applications for this show with the help of field “Accepting requests".

    Filing of applications

    A registered user can independently file a request for participation in a show.

    In order to do this, push button "Submit request" on the show page, fill in the application form and indicate the pet's name (choose it among your pets) and determine show classes for each day of the show.

    For more detailed information, please, see "How to file an application for participation in a show"

    A manager can file an application using the managerial page of the show for participants, who have filed their applications via email or any other means:

    1. Choose "Requests" in the left menu
    2. Choose tab "All"
    3. Push button "Submit request"
    4. Indicate the pet that will participate in the show in the displayed window, choose show classes for the first and the second days of the show

    Requests acceptance

    The list of requests is shown in the left menu on tab "Requests" → "All". All the applications created by users using the public part of the website have the status "new".

    While considering requests, the manager can accept or decline a request and set the status "accepted" or "declined".

    The participants whose applications have the status "accepted" are allowed to participate in the show and their applications will be included in the show catalogue.

    Execution of a show catalogue

    In order to do this, you should:

    1. Assign numbers to applications (Tab "Application" → "All", press "Renumber")
    2. Save the show catalogue in the rtf format or print it (tab "Documents" → "Common", "Cat Show catalogue" in the list of "Common documents")

    A "show catalogue" should be executed a day before the first day of the show.

    Preparation of documents for the show

    Documents for organizers

    1. Registration form (tab "Documents" → "Common". Choose "Participant registration list" in the list of "Common documents")
    2. Veterinary Control (tab "Documents" → "Common". Choose "Participant's list" in the list of "Vet. Control")
    3. Form of application numbers for registration (tab "Documents" → "Common". Choose "for applications"in the list of "Numbers")

    Documents for organizers, judges and participants of the show should be executed before the show.

    Documents for judges

    1. Distribute requests among judges (tab "Requests" → "Day" choose "List actions" in the filter → "Change judge")
    2. Print forms for judges (tab "Documents" → "Day" , There is a list of the required documents near the name of each judge)

    You should execute and print the following documents on tab "Documents" → "Day" (choose "Judge Documents"):

    • Point sheets
    • Expertise minutes
    • Senior steward's lists
    • BIS point sheet
    • BOB minutes

    Documents for participants

    Tab "Documents" → "Common"

    • Forms for correction of mistakes in the catalogue
    • Cards for cats
    • Veterinary control for cat owners
    • Badge numbers
    • Cage numbers

    Holding of a show

    Veterinary control

    In order to perform a veterinary check, one should use a preliminary printed "List of participants" and ""Forms of veterinary check for owners".

    Registration of participants

    In order to register participants, one should use a preliminary printed "List of participants» and a "Form with application numbers".

    Upon registration:

    1. The applications of present participants should be marked as "registered"

      • Choose tab "Requests" → "Day"
      • Mark the relevant applications with a tick in the list of applications
      • Choose "List actions" → "Change status" in the filter
    2. The applications should include information about participation in contests

      • Choose tab "Requests" → "Day"
      • Mark the relevant applications with a tick in the list of applications
      • Choose "List actions" → "Participations in show/rings" in the filter
    3. The additional list should be printed

      • Choose tab "Documents" → "Day"
      • Choose "Absentees list" in the list of "Other documents"
    4. Печатают дополнительный список

      • Choose tab "Documents" → "Common"
      • Choose "Additional participants' list" in the list of "Common documents"


    In order to carry out an expertise, the judges should use the preliminary printed "Cat evaluation Form", "Judging protocol" и "BIS Evaluation form".


    WCF Ring, Special Show

    Any number of contests "WCF Ring" and "Special Show" may be created for each day of the show:

    1. Creation of a competition
      • Choose tab "Settings" → "Day"
      • Push button "Add a competition»
    2. Choose participants of the competition
      • Choose tab "Requests" → "Day"
      • Mark the relevant requests with a tick in the list of applications
      • Choose "List actions" → "Participation in shows/rings»
    3. Protocols of the contests should be printed
      • Choose tab "Settings" → "Day"
      • Choose "Special Show"

    Best in Show

    «Best in Show» protocol is executed automatically in accordance with the results of the expertise:

    1. Expertise results should be registered
      • Choose "Requests" tab → "Day"
      • Click "specify" in participant list by the relevant application under "Judgement"
      • Choose the relevant point and push "Save"
    2. «Best in Show» protocols should be printed
      • Choose tab "Documents" → "Day"
      • Choose link "Nominated for BIS"

    Tallying the results

    1. The winners are awarded their titles
      • Push the label in columns "BIS" or "Show" in the list of participants near the relevant request
      • Choose the titles awarded to the pet in the displayed window and push "Save"
    2. Diplomas for each show day are printed
      • Choose tab "Requests" → "Day"
      • In order to print a diploma for one participant, push button "print" next to his/her name
      • In order to print several diplomas, tick the relevant applications in the list of applications and "Print" → "Diplomas"

    How will show results be credited in TopCat Rating?

    The results of the shows held with the help of "TopCat" are automatically credited in TopCat rating.